White Spruce Surface Cleaner by Mangiacotti

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White Spruce Surface Cleaner, 14.4 oz Spray


WHITE SPRUCE: This reformulated fragrance features a warm herbaceous blend of Spruce and Pine. It's combined with notes of Cinnamon, Praline, Cedarwood and a hint of earthy Moss to bring the woody scent of nature indoors.

Using White Spruce Surface Cleaner will fragrance and refresh your surroundings for hours. Naturally plant-based with coconut extract, this hard-working concentrated cleanser is safe and effective on non-porous surfaces in your kitchen and bath.  Will not leave a sticky residue.

Packaged in an embossed recycled bottle and finished by the handicapped with a hang tag. Made with plant-based formulas that are hand-crafted with essential oils. Never tested on animals and proudly made in America and finished by people with special needs.