Grapefruit Persimmon Fragrance Mist

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Grapefruit Persimmon Home Fragrance Spray, 6 oz by Field + Fleurs


More than a simple citrus, this edgy and complex blend of grapefruit, persimmon and sweet bergamot will please citrus lovers as well as those looking for something totally unique. 

Inspired by natural botanical fragrances, and rich textures and colors, Tracy Sullivan has been creating home fragrances since 1998. Tracy Sullivan is the daughter of Hillhouse Naturals, a family-owned best-selling farmhouse French line of luxury fragrances. Founded in 2015, Field+Fleur is her new collection for the modern home and the modern person. A premium line of sophisticated luxury fragrances and candles, Field+Fleur fragrances add elegance and signature style to any home.

4 oz Natural Fine Pump Room Spray in Glass Bottle - Made in the USA