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FAQ's or Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you have a catalog? No, due to the high cost of printing and mailing along with the ever-changing product mix that we carry; it has become cost-prohibitive to offer a printed brochure. Whenever you have product questions, please feel free to call  our toll-free number or send us an email by clicking on the "Contact Us" link.
  • How can I find out if my favorite fragrance is still available? Please E-mail us and your inquiry will be answered right away. We can quickly answer your question by E-mail. If you are looking for an item not shown on the site, it has probably been discontinued by the Manufacturer.
  • I would like to be added to your mailing list.  The fastest way to find out about new products or discontinued fragrances is to join our E-mail Newsletter. You may opt out at any time when you receive a newsletter. If you want to continue receiving our newsletter, kindly opt-in by giving your permission.
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  • Do you sell my private information? NO © absolutely not!
  • We reserve the right to decline any order for any reason.
  • How quickly can I get my order? All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days via  FedEx Ground or US Priority/Parcel Post Mail. You should receive your order within 4-10 business days. Remember, DOT Regulations do not permit us to ship pressurized sprays like TC Refills & Room Sprays via Air.
  • Can you ship via the U.S. Postal Service instead of FedEx? Yes, simply select the USPS shipping option when you checkout. Shipments to Hawaii or Alaska are always shipped by U.S. Mail. We can no longer ship any pressurized sprays via the US Postal Service to Alaska, Hawaii or APO©s.
  • Do you ship to APO©s? Yes, simply select the USPS shipping option at checkout. Sorry, but we can no longer ship any pressurized sprays or flammable liquids via the US Post Office and UPS is not the proper method for shipping to APO©s.
  • Do you ship to International Customers? Yes, but the order must be paid with PayPal. Simply email us ahead of time and advise the items and quantity you wish to order. We will estimate the freight charge and further advise via Email. International shipments are sent via US Postal Service. Due to DOT product restrictions on international shipments via US Postal Service, we cannot ship pressurized sprays or flammable liquids to International customers. For questions about international shipments or possible shipping charges, please email us:
  • Where can I find your products in my area? We are a single retail location and do not have any other stores. You can return any fragrance you don©t like.
  • How can I become a distributor or re-sell your products in my area? Currently we are not accepting any distributors at this time.
  • I have a defective product that I bought somewhere else, can you replace it for me? No, you will need to resolve this with the store where it was purchased.
  • I can©t find my receipt, can I return a defective product that I bought from you? Yes, if you do not have your receipt, we can check our database. Any item found to be defective and still under warranty will be cheerfully replaced right away.
  • How do I return an item? Please refer to our Return Policy shown on the "Policies" page.
  • Do you ship Gift Orders to separate locations? Yes, please enter your address in the billing section and the gift recipient into the ship to location. Place any special message to be included in the "Special Instructions" block when you order on-line. Be sure to specify if you want the recipients receipt to reflect zero dollars. Or, simply call us and place gift orders by phone.
  • I bought an item that was on clearance and now I can©t find it on your site anymore. Can I still order this from you? No, items on clearance are no longer available once they are sold out.


  • Do you offer Case Price Discounts? Yes, all TC refills are now available at new lower pricing in non-assorted cases.
  • Does the dispenser come with a refill? No, refills are sold separately and batteries are not included.
  • Can I get samples of fragrances? Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not provide us with samples. However, if you buy a fragrance and don©t like it, you can return it for credit or exchange © less the shipping charge.
  • Do you offer discounts if I buy more than 2 air fresheners and 12 refills? Yes, please call us at 1-800-322-0525.
  • Are the Air Fresheners safe to use around exotic birds like Cockatiels and Parrots? We would recommend the non-aerosol refills like the T-Cell for use near exotic birds. Aerosols are fine near Cats, Dogs and Fish.
  • Sometimes when I remove the refill after the dispenser has beeped, I find the can isn©t completely empty. Why is this? The manufacturer has designed the chip to notify you 1-2 days in advance in case you don©t change the can right away. You can press the red reset button and place the can back into the dispenser to deplete. Just remember to replace it in a few days. Some people use up the cans by manually spraying them.
  • How can I be sure that I am buying the right size air freshener refill for my TC Dispenser? If you have an old refill can, the stock number will be on the front or back side of the can label. The best way to be sure is by the weight in ounces of the old refill can. If you have a 6 oz can, please select Standard. If you have a 5.3 oz can, this is a Microburst 9000. The tiny can that weighs 1.8 oz is the Microburst 3000. The non-aerosol pump refill is a flat, white plastic bottle and weighs 8 oz. When in doubt©.CALL US!
  • Can I use the Microburst 9000 in my standard dispenser? The Microburst 9000 cans will work well in an Economy standard #401375 dispenser. However, they are not designed to work in the Standard LCD Programmable Dispenser models: 400570, 401899 or 400979and your warranty will be voided if you force any Microburst 9000 refills to work in a standard non-MB9 dispenser.
  • How do I know which dispenser is best for me? Larger areas: Microburst 9000. Standard size areas: Standard 6 oz. Small rooms select Microburst 3000.
  • Any locations where I should NOT hang a TC Dispenser? Yes, please do not mount or hang any TC dispenser where it can spray on finished surfaces. The mist can permanently damage painted or fine furniture surfaces, wood floors, etc. Take precautions to only hang these dispensers over hard, washable surfaces.


  • Can I use simmer oil in a reed diffuser? No, simmer oils are formulated differently from reed diffuser oil refills.
  • Do you offer lamp ring oils? Yes, select any Greenleaf Home Fragrance Oil or Refresher Oil that is in a non-spray format.
  • Which oils do I buy for what products? Buy refresher oils for potpourri and lamp rings. Buy simmer oils to use in electric or stovetop simmer pots. Buy Reed Diffuser Oils for use only with stick diffusers. Please only use effusion style diffuser oils in Lampeberger/Aroma Décor/Scentier brand burners that utilize a stone and wick assembly. Some of these oils may include flammable or non-flammable alcohol formulations that are especially designed for only for the labeled use for which they are intended.
  • Scented Oil Spills © Always be careful to place any containers of scented oils on a coaster or non-marr surface. NEVER place or drop oils onto any finished surface such as wood or plastics. These oils will remove the finish and there is nothing that we can offer to refinish those surfaces. Freshbet and the manufacturers we represent will not be held liable for finish damage.
  • Are Effusion Burner Stone & Wick Assemblies Interchangeable? Yes, typically we find you can use any stone & wick assembly in any brand of effusion diffuser style lamp.


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